Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through our FAQs and if you still have a question please contact us!

Q: Why choose us?

• We are experienced educators who have successfully run programs that improved self-confidence and cooperation.
• Conveniently located at Westwood Middle School and seamlessly extends the day for the gifted Super Summer participants.
• Seeks innovative sports and games that capture your child’s imagination.
• We help promote an active lifestyle.

Q: Does my child need a physical?

We no longer require a physical. A parent and/or legal guardian can sign our Camp Preparticipation Clearance and Waiver Form. However, we encourage families to stay current with their child’s annual health screenings.

Q: What does a typical camp day look like?

Mornings: Warm up activities, team sports, morning snack, and individual sports Lunch Break: Video games and Board games Afternoons: Recreational activities and swimming, afternoon snack.

Q: Does my child have to be an athlete?

No, our campers represent a wide range of abilities and talent.

Q: What can I expect my child to gain from your camp?

It is our mission that each child will have fun, discover new friendships, welcome and conquer new challenges, and achieve their personal goals.

Q: How does my child get safely to your camp after finishing the day with the Super Summer program?

Super Summer escorts registered campers to an arranged meeting point on campus with our staff and we sign them in to start activities. No need for you to be there for escorting. We got it covered!

Q: What are the sign in /out procedures? Are there late fees?

Campers and parents should report to the northwest door of the gym to sign in. Sign out occurs at the same location. If you are a half day camper individual arrangements will be made for sign out.

Q: Do you have weekly sport "themes"?

Each week we offer a wide variety of sports and activities designed to keep all participants fully engaged and excited!

Q: Does the camp provide swimming lessons?

Usually, we share the pool with other camp groups. Therefore, swim lessons are not possible. However, sometimes we are able to work on specific swim skills individually with children. We also provide recreational games such as water polo and other fitness activities.

Q: What is your "Late fee notice"?

If your child is not signed out by 5:10, a $5.00 fee will be assessed for every 15 minutes thereafter. Pick up after 5:30 incurs a $1.00 per minute charge due at the time of service.

Q: What is your "refund policy"?

Session Registration is transferable to another session based on availability. All sales are final. No refunds. We can credit your account for a future session. Week 7 credit will transfer to next year. Send session transfer notice to

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